Artdirektion, Animation + Setdesign zum Thema »Reeperbahnfestival«


A colourful backdrop shows up against the nigt sky, rabbits ears stick out behind the Molotow and also Ms Hedi has made it to the Reeperbahn. In a pleasantly composed mix of real film and animation Andrea Bayer, Julia Hoße and Marissa Kimmel have created this year’s preview trailer. Apart from programme contents of Music, Campus, and Arts the trailer shows many small special features of the Reeperbahn Festival, sometimes abstract, sometimes real. Speaking towers have a chat and band names turn up on house walls while at the festival venues visitors of the Reeperbahn Festival turn night into day.

Text by Reeperbahn Festival GbR


Direction and Animation: Andrea Bayer, Julia Hoße, Marissa Kimmel

Camera and Postproduction: Marissa Kimmel,

Design & Drawings: Julia Hoße,  Andrea Bayer AB Designstudio 

Sounddesign: Pawel Wieleba









Regieassistenz + Setdesign zum Thema »Istanbul Konstantinople«


Titel: Istanbul Konstantinople
Artist: Frau Kraushaar & Herr Kratzer
Album: The Power of Appropriation
Label: Materie Records / Rough Trade


Regie & Camera: Marissa Kimmel
Regieassistence, Setdesign & Drawing: Andrea Bayer, AB Designstudio
Choreografie: Daniel Cheminiak, Kick Ass Quereoké

Actors: Daniel Cheminiak, Anna Belle Jöns, Stefan Mildenberger, Berglind Augustdottir, Thomas Lörtsch, Reto Buser, Volkan Serce